How to Screen Record on Desktop

You may wish to capture a recording of a live lesson (or explore session) for reviewal or training purposes. Below are format suggestions, recording instructions, and a helpful disclaimer to get you set up for screen recording from our Desktop Application. 

Suggested Format

You can choose from the following 2 points of view to record from. Each will have its benefits, so choose according to the insights below:

1. Record from the Teacher POV


  • You will see the Teacher UI/UX
  • You will see the tools and buttons interacted with 
  • You will have a view of the students limited to the direction the teacher is facing. You will be able to hear students, but may not see them if they are standing behind the teacher out of "shot."

Tip: This format is best used for training recordings of facilitation. It will allow the viewer to see everything the teacher does, as well as students in view. 

2. Record from the Observer POV


  • You will need an additional person to be the "camera" in this format
  • This person will be able to choose the "best shot" with the freedom to move anywhere in the scene
  • The video will be clear of any instructor tools, buttons, or POV limitations

Tip: This format is best used for assessment, quality control, or post-lesson processing. It will give you the freedom to get the shot/angle you want, and will include all the participants in one clean video. 

Screen Record Software + Instructions

The instructions below provide you the system to screen record either format above. First, familiarize yourself with the screen recording system for your respective computer (Mac or PC). Then, choose the format/POV you wish to capture. 

Recording on Mac

Follow the instructions in this video to record the contents of the screen AND the voice audio of the Immerse Application:

Recording on PC

Us the native screen capture software to record the contents of the screen AND the voice audio of the Immerse Application:

  1. Search for "Game Mode Settings" in your Windows Menuwindows_record_step00_smol.png
  2. Under "Gaming" select "Captures"windows_record_step01_smol.png
  3. Configure your settings and choose a file destination by clicking "open folder"windows_record_step02.png
  4. When it is time to record, press "Windows Key" + "Alt" + "R" to begin the recording. Double check that the recording has started in the upper right-hand corner or your screen.Screen_Shot_2022-03-28_at_5.11.01_PM.png

If this method does not work, see the options laid out in this video.


You are expected to be in compliance with your institutions privacy and recording rules and regulations. Be sure to declare a recording disclaimer at the beginning of session if this is required. If you are unsure what is required of you, please contact your administrator to be sure your institution's call/video recording procedures comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Immerse is not responsible for your institutions compliance. 

If you are unable to configure the settings or have more questions about screen recording, please contact