How does Immerse work?

Immerse is the first language immersion application in the metaverse! It is also the first VR platform that was specifically designed for real-time language teaching and learning. As of now, students can improve their language skills in over 40 different unique, customizable environments. 

With Immerse, the instructor teaches from the "Teacher Desktop Application" and the students join lessons using Meta Quest 2 VR headsets. This allows the teacher to have ample control of their VR lessons and manage students effectively while providing students with a fully-immersive language learning experience. Right now, 8 students can join a lesson at one time, along with 1 teacher and 1 observer. If you do not have access to VR headsets, students can also join from a Desktop version of the application. You can also watch a tutorial of Immerse here.

Immerse was designed with two key factors in mind: Immersion and Interaction. We strongly believe that the best way to learn a new language is by being immersed in an environment where the language is used appropriately. However, not all students have the financial means or time to physically get on a plane and travel to where the target language is spoken. This is where Immerse comes in. By allowing students to virtually immerse themselves in an environment where they can speak the language with other learners and teachers, we can simulate this study abroad experience. Outside of their language courses, students can also improve their language abilities by interacting with others in our social lounge or attending one of our various cultural events for their respective language. Lastly, all of our environments include different objects that students can interact with and manipulate. For example, students in our "home" environment can physically cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner together before discussing over their meal! 

To learn more about the science and research behind Immerse, please click here.