What does "signing a research agreement" entail?

After you apply to become a Research Partner, both sides will sign a Research Agreement if we can find a research question of mutual interest.

Signing a research agreement means that we will give you free access to the Immerse platform for the duration of your research project, as well as a number of other benefits

As a partner, all we ask in return is that you share with us what you find so that we can inform the development of VR language teaching pedagogies and the Immerse application. We will never ask for your data sets, but simply ask that you share with us a summary of your results and findings to be used internally for product development. We like to announce when we have new research partners or when our current partners present at conferences or publish a new paper. This helps us show that our platform is grounded in language learning research and also helps promote your work by making it visible to a larger audience. However, we would never publicize your results/findings without your permission. We will keep all information about your study internal until it is complete and you make it publicly available.