App Update: April 17

Take a look at some of the updates pushing on April 17 around 12 PM PST.

Biggest news is the inclusion of Meta Avatars and the new browser-based app that will allow Learners to join classes via desktop!

👾 VR

🚀 What’s New

  • Meta avatars!
    • Meta avatars can now be used as the primary Immerse avatar. To select a Meta avatar, users can go to the avatar section of their homeroom in VR and select the “Meta” tab. From here they can also edit their Meta avatar directly in Immerse.
    • NOTE: Meta avatars are only available for members using the Quest VR headset. Members joining from desktop (as well as instructors) will only have access to Immerse avatars. In addition, teachers using the downloadable desktop app on Macs will not be able to see Meta avatars. Instead, they will see the coin visual of the Learner. We recommend all Mac users use the new browser-based Immerse App to ensure you can see all student avatars.
A group of Meta Avatars
  • New Westin Hotel scene added!
    • Experience the luxury of a Westin hotel in VR with our new scene! Explore the modern design and amenities of the hotel while immersing yourself in a fully interactive and social class environment.

🔥  Improvements

  • Triggering the clapping animation is now easier.
  • Some of the animations, like the thumbs up have a new 3D animation when triggered.
  • Graphic organizer now has been enlarged and tiles support more text. In addition some of the overlays have been changed making it possible to create two, three, and four sections on the board.
  • Membership status now added to student manager for staff to see.
  • Staff can now copy the ID and Name of a member from the student manager.

🛠  Bug Fixes

  • Issue where some instructors were getting “stuck” has been improved. Due to the difficult nature in replication, the issue may still happen in other areas. Please notify the product team if this is the case.
  • The plants covering MCQ in Talk Show scene have been moved.
  • Guide mute icon will no longer automatically show as on when a guide switches voice chat on.
  • Role play phrases and discussion questions will now properly show in French explore scenes.
  • Saved prompts will now be available in practice mode.

💻 Desktop

  • Immerse now offers a browser version of the app. This means
    • To launch the app from your browser, go to the WebApp. Note: Google Chrome is required.
    • If you need to change your audio input after you have launched the Immerse browser app, you will need to click on mic or camera icon in your browser's search bar to select a new microphone; you cannot do this from the voice settings of the browser app.

      Image showing the browser microphone settings

    • Note: For researchers or partners of Immerse (not teaching in our D2C program), we will send out a link that teachers and students can access by April 24, 2023.
  • You will be able to tell whether a Learner is using VR or desktop based on the icon next to their name
User on desktop
User in VR

🖥️Admin Portal Changes (D2C Program)

  • Staff can now choose a scene at the lesson level vs at the session level
  • All session lengths are 30 mins by default.
  • Prep materials can now be added to the admin portal at the lesson level. Once a Member registers for a lesson, the email they receive will include a link to the preparation materials.
  • New banner added to Immerse Home page to support launching Immerse via NVIDIA

🧑‍💻 WebApp

  • The Immerse App can now be launched directly from your browser (Google Chrome required) by logging in to the WebApp. After clicking "launch in browser", the Immerse App will open in a separate tab using NVIDIA streaming service.
Image of home page with "Lunch in Browser" link.
  • Members can now subscribe and manage their subscription outside the Meta ecosystem via Stripe. Based on where a Member first subscribes (in VR - Meta or on web app - Stripe) the user will correctly receive a subscription management experience on the web that allows them to manage their subscription.  Their subscription level can be accessed on the Members “My Account” page on the subscriptions tab or directly at the URL here:


  • Members can now subscribe to an Immerse subscription plan directly from the Immerse website by clicking the "sign up" button on the top of the Immerse Website.
  • Staff can see a Member's subscription by looking at their detail via student manager