Lesson Login on Student Desktop

How to Login to a Lesson on Desktop

1. Save your Access Key

If it is your first time logging into a VR Lesson in Immerse, you will need to enter your student access key.

You will only need to do this one time because your access key will be saved.


Do not use "SampleAccessKey." This is only an example. If you do not know your access key, ask your teacher.

2. Enter the Lesson Code

Enter the lesson code for your specific class. 


The code shown is only an example. If you do not know your lesson code, ask your teacher.

3. Choose how to join the lesson

Option 1: Join the pre-lesson "Student Lobby"

Students in Immerse have the option to join the "Lobby" of the lesson if they arrive early.


In this lobby, students can:

  • Join before the teacher arrives
  • Explore the welcome deck (lobby scene)
  • Join other classmates in pre-lesson conversation
  • Practice their VR controls before class starts

When the teacher arrives, you will be rallied and notified that the lesson has begun! 

Option 2: Wait for your Teacher

Students can decide to not join the lobby, and simply wait until the teacher arrives to be admitted. 


When the teacher has started the lesson, they will admit you and you will be teleported to the class.