Oculus Quest 2 Facial Interface - Requesting a Free Silicone Cover


Industry Update

We are aware of the decision by Oculus to recall and replace foam facial interfaces in the Oculus Quest 2 line of products. This recall primarily impacts users who purchased their Oculus Quest 2 headset devices between October and December 2020. 

Oculus is recalling and replacing foam facial interfaces for their entire line of Quest 2 devices distributed prior to June 2021. Oculus is acting from an abundance of caution after a small number of users complained of skin irritation where the foam facial interface was in contact with the face. Researchers independently verified the irritation resulted from contact dermatitis and not an allergic response. The irritation normally resolved within a few hours of use of Oculus Quest 2 devices. 

Oculus Protocol

Oculus is taking the following steps to replace the foam facial interface for Oculus Quest 2 users:

  • Offering a free silicone cover for the Oculus Foam Facial Interface
  • Providing replacements for the Oculus Quest 2 foam facial interface
  • Providing replacement of the Oculus Quest 2 facial interface accessory
  • Providing replacements of the Quest 2 Fit Pack

What should you do:

Use the link below to request your silicone cover and facial foam interface replacement: 

Click Here to Get Your Free Silicone Cover

Use the silicone cover with your current foam facial interface to avoid potential irritation. 

If you feel irritation while using the Oculus Quest 2, remove the device immediately. 


Please contact our Customer Success Team with any questions you may have regarding this industry update.