What internet speed is required to use Immerse?

It is difficult to determine a universal minimum internet speed required to run the Immerse VLEP, as every city, town, and country may vary in internet reliability.

We strongly recommend that the strongest internet connection is used to run the Immerse VLEP. 

That being said, we have received reports from school partners who were able to run successful VR lessons with as little as 10-15 Mbps (mega bites per second) with a total of six concurrent users (six students and one instructor).

If lessons are delivered remotely, lower internet speeds are sufficient to run the Immerse VLEP because each user will be using their own private internet connection. 

If you plan to implement Immerse across multiple campuses, we recommend beginning at campus sites with the best possible internet conditions. Testing can then be conducted at sites with slower internet speeds to ensure satisfactory VLEP functionality. 

If you plan to run a VR Lab (Conversation Club Pilot) on your campus, you might be able to get away with slightly lower connectivity, because the Pilot normally includes only 4 students (fewer students = smaller connection load/loading time)

Very slow internet speeds can result in increased lag times and delays in voice chat. If lags occur and you experience delayed audio, your internet may be too weak to run VR lessons with the VLEP. 

Internet Connection Speed

Required (minimum speed) : 10 to 15 Mbps

Optimal (best speed) : 25+ Mbps

Connection Test

This link will test the speed of the network that your computer is currently connected to, so run the test in the location where you plan to use Immerse.

Click HERE to test if your network is ready for Immerse.