How do I troubleshoot teacher audio on the Desktop application?


Audio Setup

When you are setting up your Immerse Classroom experience and logging in as an instructor, you may encounter issues related to audio when running a live experience. See below for the most common audio issues and how to solve them. 

Audio Considerations:

For troubleshooting the teacher audio, there are a few things to consider:

  • The Teacher Audio in the Immerse application runs through the audio settings of the user's computer first. So, look into the native audio settings first to ensure that nothing is muted and that the audio settings are appropriately configured. 
  • The teacher audio then gets filtered by the Immerse application settings. Having multiple audio-capable applications open on your computer simultaneously may cause audio to be buggy. It is best (and will simplify troubleshooting) if the Immerse application is the only application open at the time it is being used. 
  • We recommend you use headphones with the desktop application. Some headsets have lapel mics (microphones on the cord), while others have no microphones and rely on the computer microphone. Keep this in mind when configuring your audio, as the sound (ears) and mic (voice) setting may have separate toggles/settings. Be sure to look into both "speaker" and "microphone" settings.

1. My voice is too quiet and my students cannot hear me well.

  1. Open the Settings menu in the Immerse Login Screen, and make sure there is a blue check next to the audio bar. Try speaking, and see if the audio slider moves.Screen_Shot_2021-07-21_at_3.45.19_PM.png(Immerse login screen with the drop-down menu for Settings open and showing the audio bar in the upper right corner
  2. Log in and access the "Instructor Audio Panel" on the bottom right to view the same slider as in the Settings menu. Click "Calibrate Voice" to run an automatic voice calibration.Screen_Shot_2021-07-21_at_3.43.02_PM.png(Screengrab with the instructor microphone button in the bottom right circled and a "Voice Settings" pop-up showing an option to "Calibrate Voice")
  3. Finally, click the drop-down menu to choose the audio method being used for the application.Screen_Shot_2021-07-21_at_3.44.06_PM.png(Screengrab with a "Voice Settings" pop-up open to a drop-down menu where "Built-in Microphone" has been selected)

2. My students are hearing an echo in their VR headsets.

You must use headphones with the desktop application to avoid your students hearing an echo. When no headphones are plugged in, student voices are played through your computer speakers, picked up by your personal mic, and played back into the students' headsets, creating an echo. 

  1. Try configuring your headphones using the steps above in this article.
  2. If the problem persists, try turning down the volume on your headset and checking back in with your students. This may solve the echo but make it more difficult for you to hear, so it should be used as a temporary solution. It may be an issue with your headset wiring and mic setup. 
  3. Note: If the students are all physically in the same room and the teacher is logging in from a different location, the students must be muted to each other. Toggle on "Mute Students to Each Other" in the Student Manager. Screen_Shot_2021-07-21_at_4.21.36_PM.png(Screengrab with the Student Manager button circled in the left sidebar and "Mute Students to Each Other" circled in the Student Manager pop-up on the screen)

If audio issues still persist, please contact the Immerse Support Team directly for custom support.