How do I use Observer Mode?

This mode is meant for any person who is approved for the observation of a live class within the Immerse Application.


Observer Mode

This mode is for anyone approved to observe a live class within the Immerse Application.

Steps to Log In as an Observer

  1. Click on the "Profile" button in the top right corner of the login screen.
  2. Choose "Observer."
  3. Enter the Lesson Code associated with the lesson you would like to observe.
  4. Enter and wait for the teacher to admit you.
  5. Observe the lesson.


(Screengrab of "Observer" being selected from a dropdown menu below the "Profile" button in the upper right corner of the screen)

In Observer Mode:

  • You are not represented by an avatar.
  • You cannot be seen or heard by teacher or students, like a fly on the wall.
  • You can fly around the scene to find the best vantage point for viewing the lesson.
  • The teacher will know of your presence, as they will need to admit you into the scene as an observer. 
  • As with student logins, there must be a teacher in a live lesson in order to log in as an observer.