How do I use my own 360° images in Immerse?


The Observation Deck (Immerse Scene)

The Observation Deck scene in the Immerse Platform is a unique scene that allows the instructor to take students to a large platform hovering in the middle of a 360° Image. This scene is limited in that it does not allow the same interactions with the space that all other scenes offer. However, it allows the teacher to choose the "place" the students are in by choosing the images to project around the class.

The Observation Deck scene has a number of saved "location photos" to choose from, but you can also upload your own 360° Images to be used in this scene!

How to Upload Your Own 360° Images

(For use in the Observation Deck only)

1. Take the 360° picture

  • Use a 360°-capable camera (such as the Ricoh Theta - below) to capture your desired location photo.


(A hand holds a Ricoh Theta 360° camera)

  • The photo must be:
    • "equirectangular"
    • 2:1 Ratio
    • Minimum resolution 4096X2048
  • Check the image
    • Use the software associated with your 360° camera (Ricoh app) to view
    • Or drag and drop the image file into this viewer.

2. Send the image to Immerse

  • Email
  • Describe your intent to upload a custom 360°image and tell us how you want them labeled (Image Titles).
  • Attach the image file.

3. The Immerse team tests and uploads your 360° image

  • Our team will test it to make sure that it loads in and looks good.
  • The image will be uploaded to your custom public organization cloud.
  • Everyone in your organization will then have access to it from the observation deck!

If you have any trouble with completing this process, please contact our team for help!